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Temp Dir space Error 0x23e0b00f

By  cosmos19  at 2016-10-29,  959 view . 0 favorite
Disk Master Pro 3.9.2 - New install on Windows 7 x64 sp1.
Creating a new disk backup.
Required space 53.17GB - available space on disk 573.23GB
I am getting this error:

The space of the temporary directory is not enough to complete the task, please check the temporary directory and try again. (ErrorCode:0x23e0b00f)

Where is this temporary directory?
I have set the Windows Temp Dir on a separate partition with 4.79GB free.
Why would the program need more space? If so is there a way to change the path in the program to point to another partition with more space?

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#-9 - 2016-11-03 Reply_button

Disk backup will need temp file to save a some other data,
The temp dir maybe not valid, you can reboot your pc, and try it again.
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