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Disk Master 4.0 Release

By  support  at 2016-11-23,  1133 view . 0 favorite
Disk Master 4.0 Release

What's new
Add burning bootable CD.
Add hardware driver to WinPE.
Add a option for automatical skip error sectors.
Fix bug for crashing.
Fix other minor bugs.
Jürg Schädelin medium avatar
#-9 - 2016-12-04 Reply_button
Jürg Schädelin   

On my Windows 10 (64 bit) computer, the new release of DiskMaster 4.0
has turned out to be completely useless. Despite 3 attempts to install the new version, I consistently get an error upon first run (error code 0x27f01072) and all automatic error are refused by my mail system.

So I strongly advise collegues, not to upgrade until this bug is corrected, since by now, I am not even able to reinstall the old version on my P.C. again.

Pitty for such a helpful and smart program.
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#-8 - 2016-12-06 Reply_button

Thank you for your using our software.
Could you send the log files to us?
The log files is in the log folder in the installed path.

qiling tech suppor team
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