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Disk Master Pro, Trial and Free Versions - Some Problems of User

By  hrsnagpal  at 2017-01-10,  663 view . 0 favorite
Dear Sir,

I have/had your SharewareOnSale giveaway version of Disk Master Pro v3.9.0.2 installed on my PC in October 2016. To try out your latest Trial version v4.0.0 I was prompted to uninstall the previous version. Now to reinstall the Pro version v3.9.0.2 on entering the previous giveaway key the message says that the Pro version has expired. A somewhat heavy penalty for trying out your latest trial version v4.0.0, don't you think? I am a software geek and trying out free, trial and giveaway versions is my hobby. I can hopefully offer you reasonably good comments and suggestions as a user. Could you please offer me a working key for either the expired Pro version v3.9.0.2 or the latest v4.0.0. Your generosity shall be much appreciated.

By the way I am currently using your latest Free version v4.0.0 but am experiencing Error Code 0x1620a040 (Failed to mount the disk. Maybe the device is busy, please try again later). Please also advise me on how to resolve this error. I rebooted and tried mounting the Backup Image partion disk but got the same Error Code 0x1620a040. This error is not addressed as yet on your Forum.

Thanks and awaiting your reply on Forum and by email.

HRS Nagpal
Dated:11 th January, 2017
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Thank you for your error report.
Could you send the log files to us?
the log fils is in the installed path.

Best regards
Qiling tech support team.
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