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Restoring system from old backups?

By  olliebean  at 2017-04-08,  469 view . 1 favorite
Using v3.9.2

When restoring a system image, using the system recovery option, it doesn't appear to be possible to select which backup point to use - it just automatically restores from the latest backup. The only way to restore from earlier backups is to answer "No" to "would you like to do a system recovery?" (or to delete more recent images so that the required image is the most recent one, which is obviously not ideal).

Is there likely to be any problem caused by restoring the system without using the system recovery option? What is the difference between doing a system recovery and a standard recovery?
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You can select backup point, see following photo

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Not when I answer "Yes" to "The Application detects the selected backup is a system image, would you like to do a system recovery?" Then I get this dialog:

With no option to select a backup point.

However, I've restored to earlier system image backups after answering "No" to the system recovery question, and haven't noticed any ill effects.
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If you restore to earlier system image, please select no, you can select earlier image to restore, the Disk Master Pro will do the system recovery too if you select a system partition to restore.
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