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Various Event Log Errors (with some solutions)
QILING Disk Master   .   2016-08-14   .   last comment from  support
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 comment  Various Event Log Errors (with some solutions) , add by Qwinn  at 2016-08-14
Sorry for the delay.

I am running on Windows 10 Pro Anniversary update. Clean install as of a few days ago. The anniversary update has much more stringent digital signature requirements than previous versions, although those requirements are only enforced on a clean install. If that's the cause, and you tested it on anything other than a clean AU install, it may explain why you didn't see it.

This is the same cause that made me have to stop using AOMEI, by the way. Even some Intel drivers are having this issue.

Here's a link from Microsoft describing the driver signing changes in the Anniversary Update.

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